Attic Applications - Heat Reduction

Attic Ventilation with Low Voltage 12V DC Wiring

Fans and power supply install with no need for an electrician.

ATMOX Power Supply uses one electrical outlet for power supply.  All fans receive power from this one power supply via 12VDC low voltage cable.  It is an easy "plug and play" setup.


Heat Reduction - Fans Designed for Any Attic

 ATMOX ATTIC Fans are designed as a modular system to adapt to various construction styles and attic sizes. 

Each ATMOX Fan is designed to be lower in CFM power to more evenly distribute air throughout the entire attic, run more quietly and be energy efficient. 

ATMOX Fans can be used in gables, ridge vents or soffit vent openings or be placed in a roof cap accessed from within the attic. Additionally, ATMOX can use internal fans to circulate air within the attic for heat trapped in pockets. 

Learn more about ATMOX ATTIC Fans.

Attic Control Options

Attic Fans need to be triggered by some form of control.  Options for heat reduction only:



ATMOX Temperature Controlled Power Supply

The ATMOX power supply allows fans to run all from one electrical outlet inside the attic and connect via low voltage cable.  The temperature sensor mounted to the power supply will activate the fans once temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  The fans will continue to operate until attic has cooled several degrees below that temperature.


ATMOX Timer Controlled Power Supply

The ATMOX power supply allows fans to run all from one electrical outlet and connect via low voltage cable.  In this setup, the power supply does not need to be in the attic location if there is no accessible electrical outlet there and can be in an adjoining location such as a closet.  With the timer control, you can decide when and how often you want the fans to run in your attic.  

Advanced Control Options for Heat and Moisture

For more complex situations or to also address moisture concerns, please see more on the ATMOX ATTIC System for heat reduction and moisture control.



For a full solution to manage heat and moisture, learn more about the ATMOX ATTIC System. The ATTIC System has greater operating parameters and control options to keep attic cooler. This system also allows for more flexibility in installation with sensors remote from power supply.

Learn more about ATMOX Attic Control Options.

Active Ventilation

This video shows the difference between passive ventilation and mechanically assisted ventilation with ATMOX Ridge Vent Fans installed.



For more videos on ATMOX ATTIC products, view the Video Archive.

Attic Ventilation

ATMOX Attic Fans - Easy Ventilation for Heat Reduction

  • Low Voltage 12VDC Setup - Only 1 Electrical Outlet Needed
  • Various Mounting Options to Adapt to Any Attic Construction
  • Designed for Balanced Airflow (Exhaust, Intake and Internal Fans)
  • Very Energy Efficient - Run up to 1800 CFM of Fan Power for Less Than 150 Watts.

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