Attic Heat Reduction Setup

Attic Heat Reduction Setup

Attic Ventilation System Information

Dissipates heat in the attic

ATMOX ATTIC will run fans once the attic temperature goes above a preset level to bring in outside air to cool the attic when needed in warm summer weather.   The ATMOX ATTIC System has the ability to continue to run fans to further cool the attic even when the attic temperature goes below the preset temperature point as long as the air outside is drier and will not negatively affect the attic with regard to moisture.  This allows the attic fans to continue to run with cooler night air to bring the attic temperature further down so that the attic will begin the next morning with a lower temperature to start the day helping to keep everything cooler.  This is something that most fans on a thermostat setting will not do since they only run based on one temperature level in the attic.  Additionally, most solar attic fans cannot run at night as they need direct sunlight in order to power the fans. 

Manages moisture with outside “dry” air

This is the core differentiator of the ATMOX ATTIC System.  Outside of high temperature parameters, the ATMOX System will only run fans to bring in outside air when it is drier than inside.  The drier air from the outside will reduce the moisture.  ATMOX is able to do this through a comparison of conditions inside and outside with use of sensors in both locations.  The software in the system uses a comparison to determine when to ventilate only when it is beneficial to the attic.

Is ideal for high efficiency attics

In high efficiency attics, materials are used to reduce the temperature of the attic.  This is great from a temperature standpoint but often creates a moisture issue as the moisture is released from the house into the attic space.  With this lower temperature in the attic, the attic no longer has the ability to handle the moisture that it could previously.  This is because the air with lower temperatures cannot hold as much moisture as air with higher temperatures.  The moisture gets trapped in attic leading to problems.

Uses low voltage DC-powered fans

This is another key differentiator of the ATMOX ATTIC System. The ATMOX ATTIC Fans will connect to the main controller with 12VDC low voltage cable (like landscape lighting wire) allowing for fans to be placed in multiple locations without the need for traditional electrical wiring to be placed at each fan location.  The ATMOX Fans are designed to clamp directly onto the low voltage cable.  The low voltage cable plugs directly into the controls and power supply making for a very easy install.

Powers fans and controller all from one outlet

The ATMOX ATTIC Controls (with attached power supply) plug into one standard electrical outlet.  This is typically where the system can be viewable or accessible.  All fans (up to 150W) receive power from this one outlet.  If additional fans are needed for very large attics, a booster power supply can be used. (This would require an additional outlet.)

Creates balanced air flow in entire attic

ATMOX is designed to use multiple fans in different locations – not just one large attic fan.  ATMOX fans come in a wide variety of types for different attic configurations.  Depending on the setup, ATMOX uses not only exhaust fans but also intake fan and dead area fans to circulate the air in the entire attic.  For moisture control purposes, it is important to have air flow throughout the entire space so that problems do not arise in an isolated area.

Is fully automatic once installed

ATMOX ATTIC works completely automatically.  The system will determine when fans should run on its own.  There is no need to manually turn anything on or off .  The system will adjust between summer and winter months.

Runs very energy efficiently

The ATMOX ATTIC System can run up to eight of the ATMOX ATTIC 225cfm fans on less than 150W of power.  This is about the equivalent of running two average light bulbs.  The entire system uses very little electricity to operate.

Has option to hook up to solar panel and battery

Even with its low energy use, there are scenarios where a homeowner may want to use the system with a green energy use (most typically solar power.)  The system is equipped to use battery power charged from a solar panel.  With this setup, the system will then use less than 10W of power.  The ATMOX system equipped with solar will default to using the green energy/battery power as long as it is available and will switch back to standard power if it is not available.

Has a Winter Mode feature

The ATMOX System has an optional Winter Mode feature that can be turned on and used in certain climates or geographic areas with heavy snow.  This Winter Mode is designed to intentionally reduce the warm air in the attic during the winter.  When the Winter Mode is activated, the ATMOX ATTIC System will allow the cold outside air to come into the attic and dissipate the heat or warmer air.  This in turn can reduce the likelihood of an ice dam formation.  Fans will need to be set up specifically to address this goal.

ATMOX ATTIC System Highlights

  • Dissipates extreme heat in the attic
  • Manages moisture with outside “dry” air
  • Is ideal for high efficiency attics
  • Uses low voltage DC-powered fans
  • Powers fans and controller all from one outlet
  • Creates balanced air flow in entire attic
  • Is fully automatic once installed
  • Runs very energy efficiently
  • Has option to hook up to solar panel and battery
  • Has a Winter Mode feature 

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