Attic Ventilation

ATMOX Attic Ventilation System is designed specifically to address attic moisture while also reducing excessive heat.

ATMOX takes a common sense approach:  

Only ventilate with outside air when it is beneficial to the attic.

Read more on the ATMOX Operating Principle and ATMOX ATTIC Setup.

Active Ventilation

This video shows the difference between passive ventilation and mechanically assisted ventilation with ATMOX Ridge Vent Fans installed.

For more videos on ATMOX ATTIC products, view the Video Archive.

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Green Builder Magazine 

names ATMOX ATTIC 150 

to Hot Products 2013

Attic Moisture Control

ATMOX ATTIC System uses a dew point comparison of outside conditions and attic conditions to reduce undesired moisture through proper ventilation.

Why use a dew point comparison and not a humidistat?

    A humidity reading in the attic alone will never give you the whole story as humidity is relative to temperature and constantly changing as temperature levels change. Also ventilating the attic will only improve the moisture levels if the outside air is drier than what is already there. ATMOX uses sensors to measure and calculate dew point to determine when fans should run.

    Read more on understanding dew point.

    Heat Reduction - Designed for Any Attic

    ATMOX ATTIC operates under a Heat Reduction Mode to reduce temperatures in the attic during peak summer months.


    ATMOX ATTIC System and Fans are designed as a modular system to adapt to various construction styles and attic sizes. 

    ATMOX Fans are designed to be lower in CFM power to more evenly distribute air throughout the entire attic. Additionally, ATMOX can use internal fans to circulate air within the attic to dissipate moisture and heat trapped in pockets.

    Learn more about ATMOX ATTIC Controls and ATMOX ATTIC Fans.

    Ice Dam Reduction and Prevention

     ATMOX ATTIC has an optional Winter Mode designed to intentionally cool the attic through ventilation when outside temperatures are below freezing.  

    By keeping attic well ventilated at cold temperatures, you reduce the cycle of melting and refreezing of snow on the roof that creates the ice dam.

    Read more on ice dam formation.

    Attic Ventilation with Low Voltage 12V DC Wiring

    ATMOX installs with no need for an electrician.

    ATMOX uses one electrical outlet for control, sensors and power supply.  This does not need to be placed in the attic and could be in a nearby closet or utility room.  All fans receive power from this one power supply via 12VDC low voltage cable.  It is an easy "plug and play" setup.


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