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Does your basement or enclosed structure get the proper moisture control it needs?

ATMOX BASEMENT is the integrated solution to managing moisture in an unfinished basement or other enclosed structure.

Basement Systems - ATMOX Principle

The ATMOX BASEMENT Systems are designed to manage moisture in an unfinished basement or other enclosed structure such as a shed, barn or garage.


Moisture Control

  • The ATMOX Systems place sensors inside the basement and outside to get temperature and humidity levels to effectively control the ventilation.
  • Based on these readings and corresponding dew point calculations, the ATMOX System will trigger fans accordingly allowing for moisture control.
  • An optional dehumidifer can also be incorporated into the system for addtional drying action as needed by certain structures or in some geographic areas.

With ATMOX Systems, software parameters will be adjusted as needed based on use.  There are various fan configurations to adapt to any type of opening in the structure.  For enclosed spaces, fans can be used on conjunction with louvers to keep the space fully enclosed when fans are not running.  ATMOX Fans are also designed as intake or exhaust to balance air flow. Additionally, there are dead space (joist mounted) fans to reach areas that would not otherwise get air flow.  The ATMOX fans use DC-Power from a low voltage cable and power supply. This allows for creating ventilation in areas that may not already have electrical outlets.


Note:  The ATMOX Systems are not designed to be whole house air ventilation systems or to be used in finished basements.  The ATMOX system uses outside air as part of its moisture control system. Contact ATMOX to determine if the ATMOX System fits your moisture control needs.

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