Vented Crawlspace Setup

Vented Crawlspace Setup

Vented Crawlspace System Information

Manages moisture with outside “dry” air

The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE Systems all use the same operating principle.  Ventilate with outside air only when it drier than inside.  ATMOX is able to do this through a comparison of conditions inside and outside the crawlspace with use of sensors in both locations.  The software in the system uses a comparison to determine when to ventilate only when it is beneficial to the crawlspace.  When the air outside is not drier, then the ATMOX System will wait and continue to assess and calculate conditions.  Most climates have enough variation in temperature and humidity that the crawlspace will find dry air from the outside to use with enough frequency.  In certain instances where the ATMOX System cannot find sufficient dry air for the desired moisture levels, the ATMOX System can incorporate a dehumidifier. 

Uses low voltage DC-powered fans

This is a key differentiator of the ATMOX System. The ATMOX Fans will connect to the main controller with 12VDC low voltage cable (like landscape lighting wire) allowing for fans to be placed in multiple locations without the need for traditional electrical wiring to be placed at each fan location.  The ATMOX Fans are designed to clamp directly onto the low voltage cable.  The low voltage cable plugs directly into the controls and power supply making for a very easy install.

Powers fans and controller all from one outlet

The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE Controls (with attached power supply) plug into one standard electrical outlet. (It uses one or two receptacles depending on system.)  The controls are typically placed where they can are viewable or accessible.  All fans (up to 150W or up to 100W depending on model) receive power from this one outlet.  If additional fans are needed for very large or complex crawlspaces, a booster power supply can be used. (This would require an additional outlet.)

Creates balanced air flow with wide variety of fan choices

The ATMOX System is designed to use multiple fans in different locations – not just one or two exhaust fans on the side of the house.  Typically, the system will be setup to have exhaust fans on one side of the house and intake fans on the other side to create balanced airflow.  This creates a push and pull of the air getting to all areas of the crawlspace.  It is important not to neglect corners or other areas not getting air flow as this is where moisture issues are most likely to occur.  For areas not easily reached via the cross circulation of air, ATMOX fans also come as joist mounted dead area fans or pipe fans.  Fans for vent openings come in various sizes.

Is fully automatic once installed

ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System works completely automatically.  The system will determine when fans should run on its own.  There is no need to manually turn anything on or off.  The system will adjust between summer and winter months.

Allows for monitoring of crawlspace conditions

As a homeowner, it is often nice to have an understanding of conditions in the crawlspace without having to go completely under the crawlspace.  All of the ATMOX Systems show temperature and humidity levels in the crawlspace directly from the control panel.  Additionally, the ATMOX SMART System allows for the most additional monitoring features with optional alarm notifications and sensors for wood moisture levels, high water alarms (such as back up of a sump pump or condensate line), Carbon Monoxide, and Smoke.  For concerns over freezing temperatures in the crawlspace, the ATMOX FLEX and SMART Systems can incorporate a heating system to keep pipes from freezing.

Runs very energy efficiently

The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System can run up to fifteen of the ATMOX 145 cfm fans on less than 150W of power.  This is about the equivalent of running two average light bulbs.  Most crawlspaces will use half the number of fans.  The entire system uses very little electricity to operate.

Has option to incorporate use of a dehumidifier

The ATMOX System always defaults to using outside dry air when available.  This allows fresh air to be brought into the crawlspace and uses very little energy in doing so.  There are houses or geographic areas that sometimes have greater moisture control needs that require an optional dehumidifier to supplement the drying action of the outside dry air during certain times of year.  The ATMOX system will use the dehumidifier only when the conditions in the crawlspace are outside of an acceptable range.  This keeps the dehumidifier from running as frequently making it more energy efficient as dehumidifiers can have very high power consumption.  It will also reduce the wear and tear on a dehumidifier since it is being much less frequently than it would be without the ATMOX Controls and fans.  Additionally, during the winter months, the dehumidifier will rarely, if ever, need to run since cool dry air is generally available throughout the winter.  This is important because the effectiveness of a dehumidifier is much lower in cold temperatures causing it to work much harder with little gain in lowering the humidity.

Has option to hook up to solar panel and battery

Even with its low energy use, there are scenarios where a homeowner may want to use the ATMOX system with a green energy source (most typically solar power.)  The system is equipped to use battery power charged from a solar panel.  With this setup, the system will then use less than 10W of power.  The ATMOX system equipped with solar will default to using the green energy/battery power as long as it is available and will switch back to standard power if it is not available.

ATMOX Vented Crawlspace Highlights

  • Manages moisture with outside “dry” air
  • Uses low voltage DC-powered fans
  • Powers fans and controller all from one outlet
  • Creates balanced air flow with wide variety of fan choices
  • Is fully automatic once installed
  • Allows for monitoring of crawlspace conditions
  • Runs very energy efficiently
  • Has option to incorporate use of a dehumidifier
  • Has option to hook up to solar panel and battery

Vented Crawlspace Example Layout

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