ATMOX Fans on Timer or Humidistat Information

The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE Controls will provide the best option to managing the moisture in the crawlspace.  ATMOX firmly believes that bringing in outside air when it has more moisture than what is already in the crawlpsace will not be beneficial to the crawlspace and can in fact be harmful.  This is why the ATMOX Controls use two sensors measuring temperature and humidity both inside and outside the crawlspace to compare conditions. 

Bringing moister air from the outside into the crawlspace can make things worse.  For this reason, ATMOX does not recommend putting crawlspace fans on a humidistat-only control.  Using a humidistat only will indicate that there is high humidity, but it will not insure that drier air is being brought into the crawlspace.  Often it actually runs at the worst time when the air is the most hot and humid.

If the ATMOX controls cannot be used due to budget constraints or if there is another ventilation goal, then the ATMOX Fans can be used independently.  Since all the fans will run continuously without a control mechanism, ATMOX suggests setting crawlspace fans on a timer to run at night in most locations.  This is generally when air is cooler and drier.


Ventilates with outside air

The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE Fans will bring in the outside air to ventilate the space.  Generally, additional ventilation under the crawlspace is beneficial to enhance the air flow that may be insufficient without the mechancial ventilation with fans.

Uses low voltage DC-powered fans

The ATMOX Fans can connect to the ATMOX Power Supply with 12VDC low voltage cable (like landscape lighting wire) allowing for fans to be placed in multiple locations without the need for traditional electrical wiring to be placed at each fan location.  The ATMOX Fans are designed to clamp directly onto the low voltage cable.  The low voltage cable plugs directly into the power supply making for a very easy install. 

(The ATMOX 12VDC Fans can be supplied with an AC-Adapter to use the fans in a standard electrical outlet directly.  Additionally, ATMOX has AC-Powered Crawlspace Fans that would be used in standard electrial outlet.)

Powers fans all from one outlet

The ATMOX Power Supply plugs into one standard electrical outlet. All fans (up to 150W) receive power from this one outlet.  If additional fans are needed for very large or complex crawlspaces, a booster power supply can be used. (This would require an additional outlet.)

Creates balanced air flow with wide variety of fan choices

ATMOX Fans are designed to use multiple fans in different locations – not just one or two exhaust fans on the side of the house.  Typically, the system will be setup to have exhaust fans on one side of the house and intake fans on the other side to create balanced airflow.  This creates a push and pull of the air getting to all areas of the crawlspace.  It is important not to neglect corners or other areas not getting air flow as this is where moisture issues are most likely to occur.  For areas not easily reached via the cross circulation of air, ATMOX fans also come as joist mounted dead area fans or pipe fans.  Fans for vent openings come in various sizes.

Runs very energy efficiently

The ATMOX Power Supply can run up to fifteen of the ATMOX 145 cfm fans on less than 150W of power.  This is about the equivalent of running two average light bulbs.  Most crawlspaces will use half the number of fans.  The entire system uses very little electricity to operate.

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