Send Us a Sketch

Send Us A Sketch

Send Us a Sketch

Send us a simple sketch of your house. We can then provide you with which systems or components you will need, a quote of cost and suggested layout of components and fans.


The sketch doesn’t have to be done formally or electronically – it can be handwritten as long as it is legible.

Sketch Checklist

Here is a checklist for information to include:
  • Give basic main dimensions of crawlspace layout (it does not have to be too accurate).
  • How many wall openings are there? Where are they located? Mark them on the sketch.
  • Are the openings a standard 8 x16 inch? If not, what size are they.
  • What is the square footage of the house foot print?
  • What is the average height of the crawlspace? What is the height in the highest and lowest points?
  • Indicate decks, porches and patios. How high is deck above the ground? Is the porch dirt filled or accessible?
  • Location of entrance(s) into crawlspace.
  • Where are the areas with the highest moisture or trouble spots?  Indicate any standing water.
  • Indicate any large HVAC ducts that dissect the crawlspace.
  • Where are the outside compressors located?
  • Does the HVAC condensate discharge by gravity or pump?
  • In newer buildings, the chimney from a gas-fired HVAC heating section comes through the foundation wall (normally in 4” PVC pipe). If applicable, indicate where these pipes are.
  • Does the crawlspace have a French drain with a sump pump?
  • Indicate any dense shrubbery in close proximity of the walls.
Contact Information Needed:
Company (if applicable):
City, State and Zip:
Location of Crawlspace from layout sketch:
  Same as above
City, State and Zip:
Please fill in information and check off the best way to reach you.
  Daytime Telephone:
  Mobile Telephone:
  Fax:
  Email:
You can either send us this information and your sketch via fax at 704-675-9858 or via email to
You can also mail any correspondence to:
10612-D Providence Road #229
Charlotte, NC 28277

For questions or more information, call us at 704-248-2858 or email

 For printer-friendly version,
download as pdf.

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