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Free Quote for DIY Homeowner

DIY Homeowner

ATMOX has been shipped and installed all across the country.


If you are a homeowner, who has identified a moisture concern, we can work with you in different ways.


If you are a do-it-yourselfer, most of our systems can be installed by a handy homeowner.  The ATMOX System is not overly complicated to install, but the ease of the installation will vary based on the circumstances in your home.  In the crawlspace, you just need to be willing to get a little dirty and work in a tight space.  Depending on the setup of the attic system, the installation may require access onto the roof, which may or may not be something that you are comfortable with as a homeowner. 


If you are not able to or not interested in installing a system on your own, we will work with to find a local installer in your area.  We have resellers and installers all across the country that use the ATMOX System.  We can also work with an installer or contractor that you are already working with and provide telephone support as needed.


You can place an order with us by calling us at 704-248-2858 or via fax at 704-675-9858. We are happy to help with layout suggestions and to provide free quotes upon detailed information on the crawlspace or attic.  Payment can be made via credit card. We will accept checks for payments made in advance.  

Get a Free Quote

We are happy to provide you with a free quote of the ATMOX system for your home.


We just need some more information on the crawlspace or attic to help you determine exactly what you will need.

Layout Information

If you do not know which components would best suit your crawlspace or attic, we can provide a layout suggestion for the system with some basic information. To provide you with layout help, it is best if we have a sketch.  

For crawlspace layouts, please review suggestions on sending us a sketch including helpful information.  You can either view information on the website or download as pdf.


Once you have your sketch information, you can either email us ( or fax the information to us (704-675-9858).  Contact us at 704-248-2858 with questions at anytime. 

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