ATMOX Temperature Controller

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ATMOX Temperature Controller


ATMOX Temperature Controller offers high heat temperature trigger for the ATMOX DC-Powered Fans. The Temperature Controller will be connected to the power source via low voltage cable. The power supply for the fans all run from one electrical outlet, allowing for a simpler installation, minimizing or eliminating the need for an electrician. The Temperature Controller must be placed in the attic for temperature reading. The power supply may be placed in the attic or a nearby location such as closet if electrical outlet is not available in the attic. The fans will activate when the temperature reaches 95 degrees and will continue to operate until the sensor reading is a few degrees below that temperature setting.

The fans receive power through the use of a low voltage cable (such as those used in landscape lighting wire) that attaches directly to the power supply. Each fan is then spliced onto the wire at the location needed.



  • Heat reduction at 95 degrees and above
  • Uses low voltage 12V DC-Powered fans and cable
  • Powers fans from one electrical outlet, minimizes or eliminates need for an electrician
  • Creates balanced air flow in entire attic with various fan models
  • Energy efficient.  Power Supply uses less than 150 watts of power for up to 2250 CFM of fan power.


  • ATMOX Temperature Sensor Connected

  • ATMOX 150 Watt Power Supply



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