Solar Option Kit

Solar Option Kit


Item Number: 02-500-100

Solar Option Kit

The Solar Option Kit is to be used in conjunction with the ATMOX SMART System.  It must be factory installed so it should be ordered with the ATMOX Controls.  

The ATMOX Control System can incorporate the use of solar energy to power the controls and fans.  It can actually be any Green Energy Source that can power a battery, but solar is the most commonly used.  The Controls will still need an electrical outlet for minimal power use and as a backup option if battery power is insufficient from solar power.  Once set up with the Solar Option, the ATMOX Controls will default to using Solar Power first as long as available.  Since the Solar Energy is stored in a battery, it allows the ATMOX Fans to operate during night time hours when direct solar power is not available.



The Solar Option Kit allows incorporation of solar power with the ATMOX SMART System.  The battery and solar panels are not included and must be purchased separately.

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