220 CFM, Crawl Space Fan with Vent Cover


  • These double fans are designed to be mounted from the outside of the crawlspace in most standard vent openings that have a 16 x 8 inch opening.
  • These fans replace any existing grill in the vent opening. 
  • The fans are either an exhaust fan or an intake fan.
  • The fans are powered by a standard outlet.
  • These fans have a whisper quiet operation. 
  • If using these AC-Based Fans with ATMOX controls, the fans can be controlled via a Switch Relay or AC Conversion Kit.



  • Output: 220 CFM
  • Nominal: 0.6A, 120V 
  • Usage: Measured at 30 W
  • Noise:  30 dB
  • Mounting:  Fits standard 16 x 8 inch vent opening.  Mounts with 4 bolts to tighten in place.
  • UL Approved
Fan Features
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