The ATMOX System is designed to address attic heat and moisture

The ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System is designed to decrease moisture and heat levels in your attic. A properly ventilated attic is important to avoid mold and mildew growth, wood damage, roof shingle damage and at the same time to bring additional energy efficiency to hard working air conditioning systems. The ATMOX System uses a unique combination of fans, sensors and a computerized control panel to activate beneficial ventilation through dew point comparisons and temperature calculations.  ATMOX is not just looking at one measurement but is comparing inside and outside conditions to effectively determine when air should be exchanged in the attic.  System is fully automatic once installed, and fans will only run when the outside air is beneficial in reducing moisture or excessive heat within the set parameters.

Distributed Airflow

An ATMOX System is designed to address all areas of your attic.  The ATMOX fans have various mounting options to accommodate various construction and attic styles. Ventilation can be customized to flow through a ridge vent, gable, soffit or roof deck.  Your installer will come up with a plan for fan layout customized for your attic.

ATMOX uses multiple fans to avoid having an oversized and noisy attic fan.  ATMOX fans are designed to spread out the airflow, which is especially important in addressing moisture concerns to avoid winter condensation. ATMOX looks to exhaust air with fans using the available intake airflow from the outside to avoid pulling air from the living space.

Example: Setup using fans underneath ridge vent.

Example: Setup using fans in gable vents.

Energy Efficiency

ATMOX is engineered for energy efficiency.  By using low voltage fans, the ATMOX system has minimal electricity usage.  In fact, the entire system of controls and fans will use less than 150 watts of power when running – that is the equivalent of just two old-fashioned light bulbs. This is quite a contrast to most traditional electric attic fans on the market.

Additional efficiency is achieved with heat reduction in the summer.  A cooler attic will keep the air conditioning system from working as hard in turn lowering power consumption. The ATMOX system often uses cooler nighttime air when drier to further ventilate to lower temperatures in the attic beyond a high heat trigger. This is a unique feature to an ATMOX System unlike traditional and solar fans.

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