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The ATMOX System is designed to address crawlspace moisture.

The ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System is designed to decrease moisture levels in your crawlspace and protect the structure of your home. The ATMOX System uses a unique combination of fans, sensors and a computerized control panel to achieve proper ventilation through dew point comparisons. ATMOX is not just looking at one measurement but is comparing inside and outside conditions to effectively determine when air should be exchanged in the crawlspace or an optional dehumidifier should be used. System is fully automatic once installed, and fans will only run when the outside air is beneficial in reducing moisture and within proper temperature parameters.

Balanced Airflow

An ATMOX System is designed to address all areas of your crawlspace. The ATMOX fans come in various styles such as Exhaust, Intake and Dead Area Fans to get the cross ventilation of air throughout the entire space. Your installer will come up with a plan for fan layout customized for your crawlspace.

Wood Moisture

ATMOX focuses on long-term average wood moisture content. Moisture problems such as wood rot and fungal growth don’t happen in an hour or a day. It takes an extended period of time for these problems to arise. Occasional spikes in humidity don’t necessarily indicate problem.

Energy Efficiency

ATMOX is engineered for energy efficiency. By using low voltage fans, the ATMOX system has minimal electricity usage. In fact, the entire system of controls and fans will use less than 150 watts of power when running – that is the equivalent of just two old-fashioned light bulbs.


ATMOX takes extreme temperatures into consideration. To avoid below freezing air being added to the crawlspace, the ATMOX software incorporates minimum operating temperatures. High temperatures are also evaluated to remain as energy efficient as possible.

Indoor Air Quality

In most homes, air from inside the crawlspace can permeate up into the living space of the house. Odors sometimes build up underneath vapor barriers and crawlspace liners and seep into the crawlspace. The ATMOX fans will exchange the musty air with the fresh air from the outside. As houses are being built more tightly due to energy efficiency, introducing fresh outside air is a priority in order to improve indoor air quality.

Optional Dehumidifier

The ATMOX system can incorporate an optional dehumidifier as a secondary drying action. Most homes will not need a dehumidifier. For homes in certain geographic climates or with excessive ground moisture, the dehumidifier can be used as part of the overall moisture control solution. Talk to your installer about your specific situation.

ATMOX minimizes the operation of a dehumidifier as it will use a significant amount of electricity. Dehumidifiers alone are not an energy efficient solution and can be costly to operate. Additionally, dehumidifiers are less effective in cold environments.

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