ATMOX Applications

ATMOX Core Principle

Crawlspaces and attics need PROPER ventilation.  They need ATMOX ventilation.


The principle of the ATMOX System:

Use the outside air only when it is drier to improve the crawlspace or attic conditions.

ATMOX Crawl Space

Learn more about ATMOX Crawlspace Applications for moisture control.


Learn more about ATMOX Attic Applications for moisture control and heat reduction.

ATMOX Ventilation

 ATMOX is not just another ventilation system.

  • ATMOX allows for proper ventilation by measuring dew point inside and outside of your crawlspace or attic. The control set uses sophisticated software to determine when to run the fans or dehumidifier. 
  • Bringing in air with higher moisture than what is already in the crawlspace or attic may actually do more damage.
  • Many fan systems on the market today only take a reading from a thermostat or humidistat in the fan itself, which may not give you an optimal reading.
  • The ATMOX system places the inside and outside sensors in a place where they will be most effective in controlling your ventilation. 
  • The air flow can be adjusted based on different needs in various geographic locations with a wide range of fans and configuration options. 
  • With ATMOX systems, the fans are modular allowing for a complete cross ventilation of air throughout the entire space. 


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