Effects of Attic Moisture

Effects of Attic Moisture

Excessive moisture buildup can be an issue in any part of a house, and the attic is no exception. Unlike crawlspaces, basements or the interior of the home, high moisture in attics is generally only present in winters, colder climates or with fluctuating temperatures. The problems are often easy for a homeowner to visibly detect.  

Look for any of the following to indicate moisture problems in the attic:

  • Widespread water droplets or if cold, frost, along the ceiling of attic
  • Water stains indicating condensation was present  (If isolated to one small area, water problem may be a roof or plumbing leak.)
  • Mold or fungal growth covering wide areas
  • Signs of any wood rot or decay
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Roofing deterioration
  • Pests such as carpenter ants or termites

The focus for attic moisture should be in keeping the wood moisture levels in check and in a balanced range to avoid these problems. In geographic areas with significant snow build up on the roof, attic issues can lead to the difficult issue of ice dams. These ice dams are caused primarily by the heat released and trapped within the attic space. Ice dams can cause water to get pushed under the roof shingles and leak into the house. See more information specifically related to ice dam formations.


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