Musty Smell or Odor

Crawlspace Musty Smell or Odor

Musty Smells are created by the odor from bacteria, mildew or mold combined with a lack of ventilation. Sometimes odors are just unpleasant, and other times they can be an indication of a greater problem.


Musty odors and smells are becoming an increasingly common complaint with closed crawlspaces. The bacteria is being created below the plastic liner, and over time the odor is coming up through the plastic or through seams. The odor is trapped in the closed crawlspace and permeating up into the house.


When you have a musty smell inside a closet or room inside your house, what do you do? Generally, you will open the windows and try to air it out to remove the smell. Your crawlspace needs the same type of air circulation to avoid musty smells.


If the crawlspace has a bad odor, it is also important to check that it isn’t a dead animal. Generally, you can tell a difference in the odor from that versus a musty smell.

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