Effects of Crawlspace Moisture

Effects of Crawlspace Moisture

The effects of crawlspace moisture problems are generally undesirable. The signs that a problem exists are often not hard to detect.

Some crawlspaces have had moisture problems for a long period of time, leading to significant issues that all homeowners are trying to avoid:

Other crawlspaces may have issues created from elevated moisture that are not yet so severe. Common indicators or concerns are:

The other thing to evaluate in a crawlspace is the possible presence of standing water. Water in the crawlspace is a definite concern but it leads to a question: Is the water creating a moisture problem? Or is the water created by the moisture problem?

  • Water intrusion needs to be addressed. If water is coming into the crawlspace, it will need to be corrected through proper waterproofing methods. If this is the case, the standing water is the cause of a potential moisture problem.
  • Standing water can also be an indication or the effect of the moisture problem. The water may have been created through condensation from the elevated moisture in the air.

Most of these issues and concerns are obvious and may what prompted you to come to the ATMOX website in the first place. For more detailed information, follow the individual links above.  It is important to understand why these problems are occurring. See more information under Causes of Crawlspace Moisture.

Once a major problem has already been created such as wood damage or mold growth, then the damage will need to be treated. This is fixing the effect that the moisture problem created, the cause of the moisture problem still needs to be addressed. Read more in
Solutions to Crawlspace Moisture.


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