Moisture 101


Moisture 101

ATMOX has been solving moisture problems for over twenty years. While the company started with moisture control in the crawlspaces, many of the same issues occur in attics leading to the development of the ATMOX ATTIC system. In order to understand what makes the ATMOX Systems unique, you must first understand some of the dynamics of moisture in the house.
Moisture concerns have always been around, but these concerns have come to the forefront of the building industry in the last two decades. Many factors contribute to moisture issues, but one thing that has fundamentally changed is that homes have become more energy efficient with regard to temperature by making the construction of houses tighter overall. The challenge is that with the tightness of the air, the moisture that is also present in the air no longer has an opportunity to escape naturally. Often very old homes (with less energy efficiency) don’t have moisture problems because they are well-ventilated not just in the house but also in the crawl space and attic.

ATMOX strongly believes in keeping solutions energy efficient as well.  The ATMOX approach to moisture management uses fresh dry air from the natural environment.

ATMOX also recognizes that no two problems or homes are ever exactly the same. This is why the ATMOX System is designed to be modular to adapt to a wide variety of climates, homes and situations. Other products may claim a one-size-fits-all simplified solution – unfortunately, moisture management isn’t that simple.

ATMOX recognizes that the real goal in moisture management is to have balanced and reduced moisture levels in the crawl space and attic as measured by wood moisture readings.

In further understanding moisture , it is important to better understand three key terms used:

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