12VDC Booster Power Supply (150W)

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150W 12V DC Booster Power Supply


  • The ATMOX 150W 12VDC Booster Power Supply is used in conjunction with the ATMOX Controls if the fan usage exceeds the 150 watts of power supplied from the ATMOX Controls.
  • The Power Booster will be attached either to the primary Power Supply box attached with the ATMOX Controls or somewhere along the low voltage wire being used for fans.  This is how the Power Booster will receive its signal to operate fans on the supplemental low voltage wire running from the Booster.
  • Fans using up to 150W of power can be put on one power booster.  As an example, up to 15 of any combination of the 145CFM Crawlspace Fans could be used.  See the Spec Sheets for the 12VDC ATMOX Fans for more specific information on power usage rates per fan.
  • The Power Booster will need a standard electrical outlet to be plugged into.


  • 150 Watts
  • Connection:  Standard electrical outlet


  • ATMOX 150 Watt Power Booster

  • ATMOX Power Booster Connection Ports



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