Remote Alarm Light

Item Number

Red: 02-500-310

Amber: 02-500-320

Remote Alarm Light

The Remote Alarm Light is designed to be used in conjunction with the ATMOX SMART or ATMOX FLEX System.

The ATMOX Controls can allow the homeowner to monitor conditions in the crawlspace.  The ATMOX SMART and FLEX System will indicate any type of alarm on the control box via a light and an audible alarm on the ATMOX SMART Controls.  Sometimes a Control Box is placed in a location that is not easily viewable by a homeowner.  In this case, it may be desired to have a Remote Alarm Light to notify a homeowner of any potential issue.  The Remote Alarm Light is attached to 20 feet of low voltage cable that plugs directly into the white and black ports on the Control Box.  All cables and plugs are provided.  The Lights are available in Red or Amber color.  Both operate in the same manner.

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