ATMOX ACE Control Set

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ATMOX ACE Control Set with Sensors

ATMOX ACE Control Set

New Model - Available July 2020

The ATMOX ACE System offers a fully integrated moisture control system for the crawlspace through the use of ATMOX DC-Powered fans and/or dehumidifier. The controller runs all ATMOX components from one electrical outlet, allowing for a simple installation, minimizing or eliminating the need for an electrician. The fans are controlled and receive power through the use of low voltage cable that attaches directly to the contoller. Each fan is spliced onto the wire.


The ATMOX ACE Control Set comes with inside and outside sensors used to measure temperature and humidity. Optional sensors to measure wood moisture levels or detect water issues are available.



The ATMOX ACE system directs the operation of Exhaust and Intake fans to run only when "good" air is available. This is based primarily on a dew point comparison. Fans come in a variety of styles to accomodate different construction styles and vent openings. Fans can also be set up with louvers to keep space fully closed when fans are not in operation. With the use of an optional Power Supply Booster, there is no limit to the number of fans that can be used if a space is very large.


The ACE system will separately control internal fans to help circulate air within the crawlspace. The controller will determine the operation of the internal fans separately.  These fans are generally joist-mounted to assist with airflow to dead space or corner areas of the crawlspace. 



ATMOX does not manufacture dehumidifiers, but the system can be used to incorporate their usage with the ACE controller for a fully integrated moisture control solution. The dehumidifier needs its own electrial outlet but will receive operational commands from the ATMOX controller through the use of a relay or adapter kit.



The ATMOX ACE system has the option to directly control and power ATMOX LED lights. The on/off buttons are directly on the ATMOX display for easy access to the homeowner. The ATMOX lights are powered and wired directly from the controller.

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