ATMOX EZ Control Set

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ATMOX EZ Control Set with Sensors

EZ System Overview

ATMOX EZ System offers controlled ventilation system of crawlspace through the use of ATMOX DC-Powered Fans. The control set and power supply for fans all run from one electrical outlet, allowing for a simpler installation, minimizing or eliminating the need for an electrician. The fans receive power through the use of a low voltage cable (such as those used in landscape lighting wire) that attaches directly to the control set and power supply. Each fan is then spliced onto the wire at the location needed.

The ATMOX EZ System supplies 150 watts of power for the fans. The power needed will be determined by the number and type of ATMOX DC fans being used.  The EZ Control Set comes with a set of sensors (inside and outside).


The ATMOX EZ Controls direct the operation of the fans to run only when “good” air is available. The EZ System must be used with ATMOX DC-Powered Fans. With the use of the optional ATMOX Power Booster, there is no limit to the number of ATMOX DC-Powered Fans that can be used. Since crawlspaces are different depending on location and layout, the ATMOX DC-Powered Fans come in different styles to fit your crawlspace.



  • Easy install from crawlspace
  • Run fans and control set from one outlet, minimizes or eliminates need for an electrician
  • No limit to number of ATMOX DC Fans with use of optional Power Booster
  • Is fully automatic once installed
  • Energy efficient


  • ATMOX Outside Sensor

  • ATMOX Inside Sensor

  • ATMOX EZ Fan Connector Ports

  • ATMOX Inside Sensor Mounting

  • ATMOX Outside Sensor Mounting


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