Crawlspace Controls

ATMOX Controls - Moisture Control

ATMOX Systms offer controlled ventilation of the crawlspace or unconditioned basement with the use of ATMOX Fans. The ATMOX Controls direct the operation of the fans to run only when “good” dry air is available to reduce moisture levels in the crawlspace or basement.


All ATMOX Controls come with an inside and outside climate sensor.  Each of these sensors measures temperature and humidity level.  The control set, sensors, and power supply for fans all run from one electrical outlet, allowing for a simpler installation, minimizing or eliminating the need for an electrician. The fans receive power through the use of a low voltage cable (such as those used in landscape lighting wire) that attaches directly to the control set and power supply. Each fan is then spliced onto the wire at the location needed.


All ATMOX controls are assembled in the USA. 

Item: 03-150-100

Item: 02-200-150

Item: 02-300-150

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