Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

The ATMOX SMART, MAXX and FLEX Systems can incorporate the use of an optional dehumidifier. 


  • ATMOX uses independent dehumidifiers with the system. A wide variety of dehumidifier brands and models can be used in conjunction with the ATMOX system.

  • Adding a dehumidifier will allow the ATMOX system to control moisture levels when it cannot get better air from the outside to vent the crawlspace, generally in peak times of the year and only necessary in certain geographic areas.

  • When using a dehumidifier, the system will stop external fans from running to dehumidify the air in the crawl space.

  • ATMOX uses dehumidifiers in an energy efficient manner in that it will always use better outside air for ventilation when possible before using the dehumidifier for supplemental drying of the crawlspace.

  • Model selection of dehumidifiers will vary by need and space. These can be purchased independently of the system.

  • ATMOX is a distributor of dehumidifiers made by Aprilaire and Santa Fe.


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