Attic/Crawlspace Multi-Mount Fan, 225 CFM

Item Numbers

Exhaust: 01-380-600

Intake: 01-380-570

Intake with Louver Attached: 01-380-570L

Multi-Mount Fan, 225 CFM


  • The Multi-Mount fan is designed to be configured in a wide variety of ways for use in attic or crawlspace.  The mounting plates and accessories are all sold separately for customization.
  • In a basement or crawlspace , the fans can be used in conjuntion with louvered face plate to keep area closed when not in operation. 
  • In an attic, the fans can be mounted under a ridge vent, behind a gable, or in a roof cap. If intake fans are needed, fans can be used in soffits.
  • Fans can also be used with ducting to direct air to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Two fans can be mounted on a double flat plate for 450 CFM in one opening.
  • Fans come in Intake or Exhaust models. 
  • The fans can be powered via low voltage 12V DC cable and power supply or with an AC Adapter for a standard outlet.


  • Output: 225 CFM
  • Usage: Measured at 15 W
  • Noise:  49dB
  • Mounting: Varies depending on usage.


  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan Double Mount

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan Ridge Vent Mount

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Intake Fan With Louver

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan With Low Profile Roof Cap

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan With Low Profile Roof Cap

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Exhaust Fan With Louver

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan With Single Mounting Plate

  • ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan With Protective Grill


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