Fans - Low Voltage


The ATMOX goal on fan placement is to create a total ventilation solution for the crawlspace or attic. 

  • When the ATMOX DC-Powered Fans are being used in conjunction with the ATMOX Controls or Power Supply, the fans will receive power through the use of a low voltage wire and quick splice connectors provided to attach to the low voltage wire.
  • The ATMOX Fans can be used in any combination and configuration.  Watts used by total fans will determine which power supply is needed.  If 150 Watts is exceeded, then an optional Booster Supply can be incorporated.
  • Each style of fan is best used in a different application. 
  • Fans can also be powered by an AC Adapter in a standard electrical outlet.

All ATMOX fans are assembled in the USA. 

CFM Calculation Tool

This simple tool helps calculate how many fans your crawlspace will need.  The calculation is set up for achieving 4 air exchanges per hour.  ATMOX recommends 4-6 air exchanges per hour.


Cubic Feet of Crawlspace

(Square footage times average height) 

   Multiply above number by 0.07
 Total CFM of Exhaust Fans Needed
  Divide number by CFM of fan selected to determine number of exhaust fans needed 
 Total Quantity of Exhaust Fans Needed:
  • If Exhaust Fan Quantity is 1-2, then Intake Fan Quantity should be equal to Exhaust Fan Quantity
  • If Exhaust Fan Quantity is 3+, then Intake Fan Quantity should be equal to Exhaust Fan Quantity or no less than Exhaust Fan Quantity minus 1
 Total Quantity of Intake Fans Needed:
  Quantity of Dead Space Fans needed will be determined by layout of crawlspace.  Look for any areas that would not get a cross circulation of air.
 Total Dead Space Fans:


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