ATMOX Controlled Ventilation Systems

ATMOX Controlled Crawlspace Ventilation Systems

An ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System takes many factors into consideration in its operation. Overall the system is really very simple once you understand the basic operating principle: Only ventilate with outside air when it will improve the conditions in the crawlspace. The ATMOX software and ease of setup gives it further sophistication and versatility.


Key points of ATMOX as compared to other solutions in the market:

  • Uses outside air only when its drier outside as measured by a dew point comparison. (It is not based on an oversimplified humidity-only reading.)
  • Believes in cross ventilation of airflow throughout the entire crawlspace by using exhaust fans, intake fans and dead space fans, if needed. All sections of a crawlspace need to be addressed.
  • Allows for fresh air from the outside. This alleviates musty odor issues and helps to make for a healthier home.
  • Operates very energy efficiently. The majority of the ATMOX setups will use 150 Watts of power or less to run all controls and fans. This is a minimal usage of electricity.
  • Adapts to any size or difficult crawlspace layouts. There is no one-size-fits-all crawlspace fan – the ATMOX system is modular with regard to fan layout and requirements.
  • Adjusts to various climates and seasons automatically. For example, fans will not run below preset temperature levels in the winter.
  • Integrates a dehumidifier as a supplemental drying tool if needed for certain climates or crawlspaces. Allows the dehumidifier to be used as a secondary source making the entire system much more energy efficient and cost effective than a dehumidifier alone.
  • Installs easily as the ATMOX system and fans operate using low voltage 12VDC power from one electrical outlet.
  • Is not an experimental solution. Vented crawlspaces have been used in homes for decades. ATMOX has over 15 years of experience improving vented crawlspaces that need additional moisture control.

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