ATMOX Attic Fan Switch Controller

The ATMOX APEX Controller is the best solution for controlling fans in an attic. More than just an attic fan switch, It serves as the “brain” and power source for ATMOX fans and optional accessories.

Attic fans need a switch to turn them on and off. Most attic fan switches have one of two options. They trigger fans either based on high temperature or high humidity. Usually it is one or the other. The ATMOX controller uses information from sensors on both temperature and humidity to determine when fans should operate.

The APEX Controller is making the decision on operation based on its software. All good decisions rely on good information. Therefore, the controller needs good sensors to make those decisions.

Attic Controller Models

The ATMOX controller provides information and notifications to a homeowner on conditions in the attic. Furthermore, it switches attic fans on and off.

The APEX Controller is the main component of an ATTIC ATMOXsphere. Learn more about the ATMOX approach to Moisture Control and Heat Reduction in an attic.

Electricity Usage and Efficiency in the Attic

ATMOX products are all about energy efficiency. Every product is designed to use little electricity and improve the overall performance and efficiency of the home. The ATMOX controller switches attic fans and also powers them through the use of its internal power supply.

ATMOX fans use low voltage electricity which means the fans can receive power with a low voltage wire (often used in landscape lighting). In general, the ATMOX Controller provides the power source for all of the fans and other components from one electrical outlet. Fans connect to wire without the need for individual electrical outlets and without an electrician. For example, each fan attaches onto the low voltage wire to receive power and turns on and off automatically based on conditions.

The ATMOX controller is the “brain” and the hub for all things ATMOX in the attic. Learn more about other ATMOX components to optimize your attic.