ATMOX Attic Lighting

ATMOX LED light is a perfect addition to add light to your attic. It will make it so much easier to access stored items in the attic. You may not spend much time in the attic, but when you do it’s easier to have light beyond just a flashlight in your hand. Service providers coming to your house will thank you for the addition of attic lighting. It will allow them to do their jobs much more efficiently.

The ATMOX attic lights are designed as part of the ATMOX Controller for Attics. The controller has an easy on and easy off button directly on the display. This means that you can turn them on before ever going into the dark attic. Also, with the controller, you don’t have to worry about the lights being left on. The LED lights automatically shut off after a few hours.

LED Light Models

The LED Light in the attic is a bright 600 lumens that will add light to a wide range. You will probably want one for about every 600 square feet of attic space. They can be mounted on a wall or be hung from a joist.

LED lights are extremely energy efficient with each one using just 10 watts of power. The LED bulbs are long-lasting so you won’t be constantly exchanging bulbs like we used to with old-fashioned light bulbs.

Electricity Usage and Connection for Light in the Attic

The LED lights for attic lighting use low voltage electricity which means the lights can receive power with a low voltage wire (often used in landscape lighting). In general, the ATMOX Controller provides the power source for all of the lights and other components from one electrical outlet. The lights connect to wire without the need for individual electrical outlets and without an electrician. Each light attaches onto the low voltage wire to receive power and turns on and off from the button on the display.

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