ATMOX Crawl Space Sensors

Crawl Space humidity and temperature are crucial pieces of information for a moisture solution.

ATMOX products are designed to improve the conditions of the crawl space. In order to make any improvement, you need information before you can make a decision. Therefore, the ATMOX sensors do exactly that. They provide information on the crawl space conditions. This then allows the ATMOX controller to make good decisions on the operation of fans and components.

The ATMOX crawl space controller uses a temperature and humidity sensor to measure conditions inside and outside the crawl space.

Optional wood moisture and water alert sensors provide notifications and alerts on the ATMOX display.

ATMOX Included and Optional Sensors

The sensors connect to the ATMOX controller via a cable and jack. If needed, extension cables extend the reach to sensors. However, these sensors cannot be used as a standalone product.

Crawl Space Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The ATMOX controller connects to an inside and outside sensor. These sensors measure both the temperature and humidity in both locations. This data shows on the controller display to constantly show current conditions.

The controller additionally uses this data to calculate dew point. The software in the controller uses this important information to improve crawl space conditions.

Optional Wood Moisture and Water Alert Sensors

The ATMOX crawl space controller also has two optional sensors.

The wood moisture sensor uses a wood block to represent the amount of moisture in the wood within the crawl space. This is helpful information for better understanding true moisture conditions in the crawl space. If wood moisture levels are too high, then the controller notifies the homeowner. The display indicates this issue with an alarm light and alert on the screen.

The water alert sensor notifies the controller if it detects water at the location of the sensor. For example, most water sensors are placed by a sump pump or condensate pump. This creates a notification of a potential water backup or leak.

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