Dehumidifier – Aprilaire Condensate Pump Kit

Item:  AP4856

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Dehumidifier Pump Kit

The dehumidifier pump kit is for drainage of condensation from a dehumidifier. It allows for drainage when gravity is not available, therefore, giving flexibility as to where you install your drying unit. This unit is distributed by Aprilaire to allow peak draining for their 1850 and 1820 models.

This pump has the advantage of a very low profile which makes it well suited for low crawl spaces. This pump also has a monitoring sensor that sends a “turn off” signal to the Aprilaire unit in the case of a pump failure. To limit the chance of the condensate drainage causing an issue, wire the pump directly to the dehumidifier or through the ATMOX Aprilaire dehumidifier adapter. Additionally, the pump includes a drain hose that can be extended if necessary.

How it Works Together

The Aprilaire drying units, as part of the ATMOX system, offers the best crawl space moisture control system through the use of smart ventilation and dehumidification. The Aprilaire E070 and Aprilaire E100 effective in quickly reducing excess moisture from the air within the crawl space. This is particularly true in areas with high levels of heat and humidity as found in the southeast region.  The incoming air passes over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air and remove the moisture from the air and drain it out of the unit to a common floor or waste drain. The Aprilaire 1820 has a capacity water removal of 70 pints per day and the Aprilaire 1850 has a large capacity water removal of 95 pints per day.

In larger crawl spaces, a drying unit may have difficulty drying out far corners away from itself. In order to solve this problem, use the ATMOX internal fans with the drying unit to assist air movement to the dehumidifier to improve the drying reach. You don’t want to dry out the area near the unit but neglect the other parts. Use these fans in both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces.

Energy Usage

The goal of an ATMOX moisture control setup up is to improve energy efficiency and air quality.  We believe moisture control systems should be effective as well as inexpensive to operate. However, dehumidifiers often have high energy usage. With use of the ACE Controller, it reduces the use of the dehumidifier when fans are better at drying. As a result, there is less energy consumption and also brings in some fresh outside air. Both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces can benefit from an ATMOX system.

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  • 22′ Lift
  • 4 3/8″ tall
  • Reservoir holds 1/3 gallon
  • LED indicators
  • 3/8″ tubing