Dehumidifier – ATMOX Plug-In Relay Kit

Item: 02-175-100

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ATMOX Dehumidifier Controller

The Dehumidifier Controller (relay kit) allows the ATMOX ACE to control the operation of an optional dehumidifier. This kit connects to the ATMOX Controls through a low voltage wire to receive its signals.

The dehumidifier paired with the ATMOX Controls offers the best crawl space moisture control system. The ATMOX ACE Controller will determine the best tool to reduce excess moisture at any given time. This means that most of the time that will be using outside fresh air pushed and pulled in with fans. The dehumidifier acts as a back up for drying action when outside air is not available.

In addition, use of internal fans in the crawl space will improve the air flow to the drying unit. This will better dry all corners and areas of your space more evenly. You don’t want to dry out the area near the drying unit but neglect the other parts. Both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces can benefit from the use of an ATMOX System.

Energy Usage

The goal of an ATMOX moisture control setup up is to improve energy efficiency and air quality.  We believe moisture control systems should be effective as well as inexpensive to operate. However, dehumidifiers often have high energy usage. With use of the ACE Controller, it reduces the use of this unit when fans are better at drying. The relay kits allows the ACE Controller to determine which drying tool is best for the situation. As a result, there is less energy used. It also brings in some fresh outside air.

Powering the Relay Kit

This kit needs its own electrical outlet to power the dehumidifier. All required wire and plugs are supplied with the ATMOX Relay Kit.

The relay kit is compatible with most brands of dehumidifiers. Contact ATMOX directly for any compatibility questions.

ATMOX is a reseller of Aprilaire and Santa Fe products.

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Relay Kit can support up to 15 amps

Spec Sheet – Dehumidifier Plug-in Relay Kit