Dehumidifier – ATMOX Plug-In Relay Kit

Item: 02-175-100


ATMOX Dehumidifier Controller

The Dehumidifier Controller is for use in conjunction with the ATMOX Systems only.

The Dehumidifier Controller allows the ATMOX Controls to control the operation of an optional dehumidifier. This kit connects to the ATMOX Controls via low voltage wire to receive its signals. The ATMOX system offers the best crawl space moisture control system through the use of smart ventilation and dehumidification. The dehumidifier is effective in quickly reducing moisture levels within the crawl space. This is particularly true in months with high levels of heat and humidity. In larger crawl spaces, a dehumidifier may have difficulty drying out far corners away from the dehumidifier. To solve this problem, use the ATMOX internal fans with the dehumidifier to assist air movement to the dehumidifier to increase the drying reach. You don’t want to dry out the area near the dehumidifier but neglect the other parts.

The design of the ATMOX products is with an emphasis on energy efficiency because we believe moisture control systems should be effective and inexpensive to operate. Dehumidifiers typically have high energy usage. However, with the use of the ATMOX ACE Controller, the dehumidifier will run only at optimal times. Both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces can benefit from an ATMOX system.

This kit needs its own electrical outlet to power the dehumidifier. All required wire and plugs are supplied with the ATMOX Dehumidifier Controller.



Relay Kit can support up to 15 amps

Spec Sheet – Dehumidifier Plug-in Relay Kit