ATMOX Low Voltage Wire

Item:  03-200-100

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Low Voltage Wire

The 14-2 low voltage wire is a 14 gauge two sided landscaping wire used to connect and power ATMOX Fans and/or ATMOX Lights to either the ACE Controller for crawl space or the APEX Controller for attics. In addition, this wire connects the ACE Controller voltage signal to a dehumidifier. This allows the ACE Controller to operate the dehumidifier when outside air is not available and additional drying is necessary.

Multiple wires can connect together to extend the distance needed to connect all ATMOX components, if needed.

Connecting ATMOX Components

This wire can have different grooves or writing. Choose one side as positive and the other as negative but be consistent throughout installation. ATMOX suggests grooved side as NEGATIVE and smooth side as POSITIVE.

With the ATMOX controls, the low voltage 12V DC wire gets power to the components. This means that the setup of all components (not including a dehumidifier) will run from one electrical outlet. This allows for a simple installation, and it minimizes or eliminates the need for an electrician at the installation.

ATMOX System

The ATMOX System offers a moisture control system through the use of smart ventilation and dehumidification. It uses a unique combination of fans, sensors and controls to decrease heat and moisture levels. As a result of the use of ATMOX Controls, the components will only run at optimal times. Every ATMOX product emphasizes energy efficiency so moisture control is effective and inexpensive to operate.



  • 14-2 gauge low voltage wire
  • 100 ft