ATMOX Power Supply Booster 2.0


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ATMOX Power Supply Booster 2.0 – 150W

The Power Supply Booster 2.0 adds an additional 150 watts of 12V DC voltage for use with the ATMOX ACE or APEX Controller 2.0. This is useful in situations with a large space to provide more power for additional ATMOX fans or lights beyond the available 150 watts of power from the ATMOX Controller. It will not operate independently from the controller.

The Booster 2.0 communicates data back and forth to the ATMOX controller wirelessly. Once the Booster and controller are synced and paired, then the operation is automatic. All output lines or the constant power output may be used on the Booster 2.0. The wiring to components from Booster is the same as from an ATMOX controller, and the Booster will need its own electrical outlet.

Use only approved ATMOX Fans and Accessories with the ATMOX Power Supply Booster 2.0. For maximum number of fans or lights, see Product Specifications for ATMOX components for power usage information. Additionally, before installation, follow all installation instructions for the ATMOX Controller.

The ATMOX components selected will depend on your method of moisture control and your specific size and layout of your home. For this reason, ATMOX products are fully adaptable to meet the needs of your crawl space or attic moisture control. They are also adaptable to construction variation and geographic climates. ATMOX products are installed by home service companies throughout the United States. Therefore, your installer will determine the products needed for your home.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.