ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan Roof Cap – Gooseneck

Item: 01-380-620

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ATMOX Roof Fan – Gooseneck – Roof Cap

The mount is best suited for northern climates when there is an expectation of some snow cover on the roof. This allows the Multi-Mount fan to remain unblocked with several inches of snow on the roof. This allows the Snow Mode of the ATMOX APEX Controller to remove excessive heat from the attic to mitigate the effects of snow melt below freezing that can create ice damming.

The fan quick connects via four clicklocks that hold the fan in place. This allows for easy cleaning and servicing of the fan from inside of the attic. Roof cap also comes with a removable louver so the opening can remain closed when fan is not in operation. The design of this roof cap is for use with the Multi-Mount Exhaust fan in the attic. However, it is for use with the Multi -Mount Intake fan, if necessary.

The Gooseneck’s design allows for mounting under shingles and aligning within the opening between joists. Consult a professional roofer for proper installation specific to roof style.

The ATMOX System uses a unique combination of fans, sensors and controls to decrease heat and moisture levels in the attic. The system works to control moisture and heat reduction through ventilation. In other words, in the summer, the air flow moves the excessive heat out and in the winter, the air flow pulls out the trapped moisture. ATMOX is adaptable to different attics that may vary by construction or climate.

Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


  • Usage: Designed for use with ATMOX Multi-Mount Exhaust Fans
  • Material: UV protected polymer resin
  • Dimensions: Length is 15.3″, Width is 15.8″ and Height is 9″
  • Mounting: Mount on roof under shingles. Align with opening between joists for fan.

Spec Sheet – Exhaust Fan – 225 CFM – Multi-Mount