Dehumidifier – Santa Fe Condensate Pump Kit

Item:  SF4022220

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Dehumidifier Condensate Pump Kit

This dehumidifier condensate pump kit is designed for drainage of condensation for the Santa Fe Compact 70 dehumidifier. It allows for drainage when gravity is not available, therefore, giving flexibility as to where you install your unit. In addition, it comes with a drainage hose with extension capabilities.

How do crawl space dehumidifiers work?

A dehumidifier works almost like a mini air conditioner. An internal fan pulls the warm moist air into the dehumidifier. Then, that air is cooled down. (If you think back to middle school science, you may remember that cold air can hold less moisture than warm air.) That cold air can no longer “hold” the moisture. Therefore, the moisture condenses out of the air and becomes water that is pumped out of the unit. The drier air blows back out of the drying unit into the crawl space. The unit will continue to run and cycle air through it until it receives a signal to stop. In most cases, the operation stops when the measured air drops below its target humidity.

The Santa Fe units paired with the ATMOX Controls offers the best crawl space moisture control system. The ATMOX ACE Controller will determine the best tool to reduce excess moisture at any given time. This means that most of the time the system will be using outside fresh air pushed and pulled in with fans. The dehumidifier acts as a back up for drying action when outside air is not available. In addition, use of internal fans in the crawl space will improve the air flow to the drying unit. This will better dry all corners and areas of your space more evenly. You don’t want to dry out the area near the dehumidifier but neglect the other parts. The ATMOX System benefits both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces.

Energy Usage

The goal of an ATMOX moisture control setup up is to improve energy efficiency and air quality.  We believe moisture control systems should be effective as well as inexpensive to operate. However, dehumidifiers often have high energy usage. With use of the ACE Controller, it reduces the use of the unit when fans are better at drying. As a result, there is less energy consumption and also brings in some fresh outside air.

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Parts Included:

  • Condensate Pump
  • (2) 8-18 x 3/4 Screws
  • 3/8″ x 20′ Hose
  • Clamp