Dehumidifier – ATMOX Control 24VAC Relay Kit

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The ATMOX Control 24VAC relay kit allows for an ATMOX controller to control operation of any 24VAC component. This could be a fan, dehumidifier, damper or other component.

The relay kit will most commonly be used with the ATMOX ACE 2.0 to control the operation of a dehumidifier. This relay connects to the ATMOX Controls through a low voltage wire to receive its signals. This relay is specific to 24VAC switchable dehumidifiers and Santa Fe Ultra Series Dehumidifiers.

The dehumidifier paired with the ATMOX Controls offers the best crawl space moisture control system. The ATMOX ACE 2.0 Controller will control the dehumidification, circulation and ventilation of the crawl space. With the use of the two internal relays within this relay kit, two separate components can be controller. With select dehumidifiers, the fan inside the dehumidifier can be controlled independently of the dehumidifier itself allowing for a circulation fan when dehumidification is not needed.

Additionally, ATMOX can extend the life of your dehumidifier by limiting the excessive on/off cycling and avoid the unit freezing up by only operating during designed temperature range. ATMOX also allows you to adjust the target humidity of the dehumidifier from the ATMOX display located inside your home.

Energy Usage

The goal of an ATMOX moisture control setup up is to improve energy efficiency and air quality while reducing moisture.  We believe moisture control systems should be effective as well as inexpensive to operate. However, dehumidifiers often have high energy usage.

The ACE Controller reduces the use of the dehumidifier when fans are better at drying. The relay kits allows the ACE Controller to determine which drying tool is best for the situation. As a result, there is less energy used.

Powering the Relay Kit

The dehumidifier needs its own electrical outlet to power the dehumidifier. This Relay Kit receives power and data directly from the ATMOX controller. All required wire and connectors are supplied with the ATMOX Relay Kit. Distance can be extended with low voltage wire.

The relay kit is compatible with dehumidifiers that have terminal blocks for switching or external control. Contact ATMOX directly for any compatibility questions.

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  • 2A at 24VAC Max Load per Relay
  • Allows for 24VAC Component to be controlled by the ATMOX Controller. Commonly used to control operation of select dehumidifiers.

ATMOX 24AC Relay – Specification Sheet