ATMOX Exhaust Fan – 72 CFM – Internal Mount

Item number: 01-350-072

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ATMOX Continuous Crawl Space Fan – 72 CFM

These continuous crawl space fans mount on the inside of the crawl space behind vent openings. Due to some local building codes and or odors found within the crawl space, there may be a need to add a constant exhaust fan in your crawl space.

This exhaust fan has 72 CFM of air movement. It is a low voltage fan with extremely low energy usage making it a great choice for continuous operation in a crawl space.

There are two options to power the fan:

Option 1: The fan can be used with the ATMOX controls. In this setup, a low voltage 12V DC wire brings power to the fan. This means the setup of all components (not including a dehumidifier) will run from one electrical outlet. This allows for simple installation and minimizes or eliminates the need for an electrician at the installation.

Option 2: An AC Adapter powers these fans in a standard outlet.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


Output: 72 CFM

Nominal: 0.4A at 12V DC

Usage: 5 Watts

Noise: 34dB

Power: 2.1 mm Jack (Center Negative)

Mount: Plate mounts from inside crawl space

Spec Sheet – ATMOX Exhaust Fan – 72 CFM – Internal Mount