ATMOX Exhaust Fan – 220 CFM – External or Internal Mount

Item: 01-370-015

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ATMOX Exhaust Foundation Fan with Removable Vent Cover

In most cases, these foundation fans mount from the outside of the crawl space in most standard vent openings that have a 16 x 8 inch opening. The fans replace any existing grill in the vent openings so they are aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the vent cover is removable for added flexibility in your installations with smaller vent openings.

Mounting Options

Option 1: Fans may be installed from the outside which is convenient when space is particularly tight. The vent cover comes attached to the fan for ease of installation. The fan is easily placed and aligned in the vent opening and tightened into place with four screws. Additionally, to better hold the fan in place, use caulk around all four sides of the vent cover. The fan is then ready for power connection.

Option 2: The foundation fans are unique and designed with a removable vent cover for the flexibility of installing them from inside the crawl space. The vent cover is easily removed using a screwdriver. The design allows installation in vent openings that fall between joists. This is typical in West Coast or California construction. Another benefit to internal mounting is allowing for unique or aesthetic vent covers to remain untouched.


The foundation fans are one component of the ATMOX System. The system uses an ATMOX controllerfans and/or dehumidifier for the actual drying or moisture control. However, the ATMOX setup is not just fans and/or a drying unit. The ATMOX System is a smart solution using the  ATMOX ACE Controller, the brain of the system, to determine the best operation to improve conditions within your crawl space. It does this through analysis of the combination of dew point, temperature, and humidity. Therefore, the components will run only at optimal times. ATMOX focuses not only on energy efficiency and removing excess moisture but also on air quality.

Power Usage

The ATMOX controls use a low voltage 12V DC wire to power the fans. This means the setup of all components (not including a dehumidifier) will run from one electrical outlet. Therefore, the installation is simple, and it minimizes or eliminates the need for an electrician at the installation.

An AC Adapter powers these fans in a standard outlet. In this setup, the crawl space fans will run continuously.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


Output: 220 CFM

Nominal: 1.1A at 12V DC

Usage: 15 Watts

Noise: 34dB

Power: 2.1mm Jack (Center Negative)

Mount: (1) Grill cover mounts from outside crawl space in standard      16 x 8 inch opening.

(2) Plate with grill cover removed mounts from inside crawl space for smaller opening. (Plate Size 14.88 x 7.5 inches)

Spec Sheet – Exhaust Fan – External Mount 220 CFM