ATMOX Internal Fan – 145 CFM – Joist Mount (Metal Frame)

Item: 01-360-100M

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ATMOX Internal Crawl Space Fan – 145 CFM – Joist Mount (Metal Frame)

These joist-mounted crawl space fans are a metal frame version of our popular internal circulation fans. Additionally, the fans are easy to install and are very quiet when running.

The fans mount directly to a joist. They increase air flow and circulation in areas that wouldn’t otherwise get ventilation from exhaust or intake fans. The fans are great for use in spaces with internal walls or home additions which have hard-to-reach areas. Remember that you want to remove moisture from every area of the crawl space not just some of it. This gets air to a “dead area” or “dead corner” of the crawl space.

In larger crawl spaces, a dehumidifier may also have difficulty drying out far corners away from the dehumidifier. These internal crawl space fans can be used with a dehumidifier to assist air movement to the dehumidifier to improve the drying reach. You don’t want to dry out the area near the dehumidifier but neglect the other parts.

Both vented or encapsulated crawl spaces use these internal fans. The circulation fans will run at optimal times with the use of the ACE Controller.

With the ATMOX controls, a low voltage 12V DC wire gets power to the fans. This means that the setup of all components (not including a dehumidifier) will run from one electrical outlet. This allows for a simple installation, and it minimizes or eliminates the need for an electrician at the installation.

An AC Adapter powers these fans in a standard outlet. In this setup, the crawl space fans will run continuously.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.



  • Output: 145 CFM
  • Usage: Measured at 10 W
  • Noise: 34dB
  • Mounting: Use U-Bracket to mount to internal joist
  • Power: Use with supplied fan connector cable and quick splice connectors to connect to low voltage 12V DC wire to power from ATMOX controller. For use with standard electrical outlet, use AC Adapter (sold separately).

Spec Sheet – Internal Fan – 145 CFM – Joist Mount