ATMOX Intake Fan with Louver – 225 CFM – Multi-Mount

Item:  01-380-570L

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ATMOX Foundation Intake Fan – 225 CFM – Multi-Mount with Louvers

The design of the foundation intake fan allows for a variety of configurations in attics or crawl spaces. This fan configuration is primarily for use in a basement or crawl space. The fans with a louvered face plate keep the area closed when not in operation. In order to direct air to the hard-to-reach areas, ducting may be added to the fan. Another mounting option is to mount two fans on a double flat plate for 450 CFM in one opening. These fans are for use in vented or encapsulated crawl spaces.

The ATMOX system offers the best crawl space moisture control system through the use of smart ventilation and dehumidification. With the use of the ACE Controller, the foundation intake fans will run only at optimal times.

The ATMOX controls use a low voltage 12V DC wire to power the fans. As a result, the setup of all components (not including a dehumidifier) will run from one electrical outlet. This allows for simple installation, and minimizes or eliminates the need for an electrician at the installation.

An AC Adapter powers these fans in a standard outlet, so in this setup the foundation fans will run continuously.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


  • Output: 225 CFM
  • Usage: Measured at 15 W
  • Noise:  49dB
  • Mounting: Varies depending on usage

Spec Sheet – Intake with Louver – 225 CFM – Multi-Mount