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Santa Fe Oasis105 Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Oasis105 dehumidifier is a very effective tool in moisture control. It provides a powerful water removal capacity with new standards of energy efficiency using significantly less electricity than some of its peers.

When paired with the ATMOX ACE 2.0 Controller, the controller will control the dehumidification, circulation and ventilation of the crawl space. This will improve the life of the dehumidifier, decrease energy usage overall, and extend the drying reach of the dehumidifier.

The Santa Fe Oasis is designed to fit in a crawl space for easy installation. It has a large water removal capacity of up to 105 pints per day and operates in relatively low temperatures.

See Specifications Sheet for full list of specs.

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  • Size: 24″W x 14.5″H x 16″D
  • Water removal capacity: Up to 105 pints
  • Operating Temperature: 49˚F minimum and 115˚F maximum.
  • Power: 540 watts @ 80˚F and 60% RH

Specification Sheet – Santa Fe Oasis 105

Connection Instructions for Oasis Dehumidifier