ATMOX LED Light – 600 Im

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ATMOX Crawl Space Light – 600 lm – Joist Mount

The ATMOX LED Light is perfect for crawl space lighting or attic lighting. The lights are a huge help to all the service providers who work in or inspect your crawl space or attic. It’s hard to identify problems when you can’t see them. You’ll love the LED lighting in the attic if you have to go find something in storage.

An AC Power Adapter will power the LED Light for use in a standard electrical outlet. However, when the LED light is used with ATMOX Controllers, it has an easy on and easy off button on the ACE Controller and APEX Controller displays to turn on the lights. As a result, you don’t have to crawl around in the dark looking for the light switch. You can turn it on before you enter the crawl space or attic.

The lights are LED and extremely bright with 600 lumens. The energy usage is very low when running with long-lasting bulbs. You will not have to change out bulbs like we used to with old-fashioned bulbs.

The LED lights attach directly to low voltage wire that is powered from the controller. The lights install anywhere in the attic or crawl space without the need for an electrical outlet at the location of the light. When using with the ACE Controller for Crawl Space or APEX Controller for Attic, you also don’t have to worry about the lights being left on. The LED Lighting automatically shuts off after a few hours.

The light has a black metal bracket with holes for screws. It mounts on wall or from a joist. You can put it to cast light in any direction to best fit your crawl space or attic.

For more details on how ATMOX Lighting works, click here.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty


  • Output: 600 lumens
  • Usage: 10 Watts
  • Mounting: Use bracket to mount to internal joist or wall (screws not included)

Spec Sheet – LED Light – 600 lm