ATMOX Sensor – Water Alarm

Item:  Water Alarm Sensor

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ATMOX Water Alarm Sensor

The water sensors can be used with the ATMOX Controllers for the attic and crawlspace. The water sensor can be placed in key spots to monitor possible water in a home’s crawlspace or attic. Multiple water sensors can be used with the ATMOX System. The ATMOX System will give a visible alarm to alert you of a possible problem.

Water alarm sensors are most commonly used in conjunction with a sump pump in a crawlspace that may stop working. HVAC systems in attics or crawlspaces also have drains that can clog or pumps that stops working. The sensors can be used as an alert to these issues.


  • Connection: RJ11 Jack with 6’ RJ11 cable
  • Includes Two Extension Wires (25’) with Couplers
  • Includes Two Cable Ties (12”)