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Item:  01-550-651

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ATMOX OutsideTemperature and RH Sensor

The Outside Temperature and RH Sensor provides data related to temperature and relative humidity to the ATMOX Controller.  The data collected is necessary for the system to compare to the inside sensor’s data. The ATMOX Controllers will then determine the best operation to improve conditions within your crawl space. Proper and beneficial ventilation for moisture control occurs through a dew point comparison of inside and outside conditions. A single humidity reading can often be misleading because temperature is an important part of understanding relative humidity. The ATMOX System will automatically determine if it should ventilate with outside air, circulate inside air, or use a dehumidifier.

The ATMOX Control Set includes the inside and outside sensors. This is a newer v2 version of the sensors. Therefore, sensors may not be compatible with all older ATMOX controllers. Contact ATMOX for compatibility questions.

Outside Sensor Installation

To install the outside sensor, remove the sensor from the bracket with hood and mount bracket using two screws. Then, place the sensor back into the bracket. The outside sensor’s hood protects the sensor from the outside elements. Lastly, insert jack into slot of controller labeled “OUTSIDE” or “OUTSIDE SENSOR”.  In addition, ensure the coupler connections are installed inside the attic or crawl space to keep them dry. See Spec Sheet for more details.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


  • Mounting:  Includes outside hood with mounting bracket (screws not included)
  • RJ11 Jack with 10′ RJ11 Cable
  • Includes one coupler

Spec Sheet – Outside Sensor