Attic Distributed Airflow

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Attic distributed airflow is critically important to reach all areas of the attic to prevent moisture buildup and condensation. Attics often have variations in temperature throughout the space. This can be in high and low points and also a shady versus a sunny side. These variations in surface temperatures can be the difference between no problem and a major issue. In all types of attics, evenly distributed airflow is important to prevent stagnant air build up.

Pulling air in and around all areas of the attic is more important for tackling moisture than for tackling heat buildup. However, keeping airflow balanced within your attic keeps air coming in from outside without creating a pull on the air from within the house. This is important in every situation.

Bring drying to all areas of the attic.

Moisture in the Attic

Do you want your attic moisture addressed in all of the attic? The logical answer is to address all areas. When attics have open soffits around the perimeter and sufficient openings for exhaust air, then the air generally moves somewhat uniformly. On the other hand, uneven openings lead to uneven air movement.

Generally, condensation in an attic will be found in one area or one side of the house. Moisture in the air settles on cold surfaces and condenses. In order to get rid of the moisture in the air, it must be exchanged with drier air. This air exchange must happen in all areas in the attic.

In order to dry an area and have consistent temperature and humidity levels, airflow must be able to cover every compartment and corner of your attic.

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Attic Construction Blocking Distributed Airflow

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Have you added additional space to your home that created a new compartment within the attic? Do you have a unique roofline that splits sections in your attic?

In these situations, distributed airflow in the attic needs to be addressed in the overall design of the moisture control solution. Air needs to be pushed and/or pulled in and out of those sections.

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