Add features or solve unique challenges with any attic design

The ATMOX Controller offers a diverse set of functions and capabilities through unique features in its product design and software capabilities. It is designed for ANY attic regardless of layout, size and construction style. The ATMOX Controller addresses both heat and moisture. Furthermore, it assists with ice dam mitigation using the Snow Mode functionality.

The sophisticated software has a wide range of options and capabilities that may not apply in many situations. However, the setting options allow for adaptations to accommodate almost every attic solution.

ATMOX icon for crawlspace and attic moisture control

ATMOX Controller Advantage


Ice Dam Mitigation

ATMOX illustration of an ice dam on a house

The ATMOX attic controller has an optional setup to assist in ice dam mitigation using the Snow Mode functionality. Although many factors may play into the formation of the ice dams, ventilation is the best place to begin. The controller through proper ventilation assists in reducing the melting and refreezing process that leads to the ice dam formation.

Additional Functions/Capabilities

ATMOX Picture of Garage

The ATMOX controller is flexible and can be customized to setup for heat and moisture in the garage. Furthermore, the controller limits ventilation based on excessive outside humidity.

ATMOX Controller for Any Type of Attic Design

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