Attic Energy Efficiency

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Do you know how much energy is consumed by your attic moisture control or heat reduction components? Your attic solution should not be expensive to operate. Your attic energy efficiency is important to your home’s overall energy consumption. The consumption of energy should not be significant. Electricity is expensive! Therefore, you want to use as little power as possible to keep your electric bill low.

Depending on the products you use to control attic moisture and heat, it will affect your energy consumption. Attic fans and ventilation systems are not all created equal. It is important to evaluate the energy usage.

Additionally, you want to look at the overall effect of ventilation on your home’s attic. Reducing attic heat can aid the HVAC system by limiting the heat transfer into the living space.

The goal of your attic solution should be to first solve your moisture issue or heat problem. Secondly, you want it to be as energy efficient as possible.

Improve energy use by using products with low energy cost that will positively affect the overall home’s energy usage.

Energy Consumption


In attics, moisture and heat are generally reduced through air exchanges. In order to combat moisture and heat, the air needs to turn over quickly. Passive ventilation is often not sufficient. Active ventilation with attic fans create consistent air movement.

The next question is what type of fan are you using? Not all fans are created equal. Selecting fans with low electricity usage will lessen the long term costs of the solution. It is important to look at energy usage of components that you install in your home. Find out what it is going to cost to run the attic fans.

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Effect on HVAC Usage

When looking at the overall energy efficiency of a home, the use of your heating and cooling system is often the largest component of energy cost. Even a slight reduction on air conditioning operation can positively impact your electricity bill. Excessive heat in the attic transfers to the living space raising temperatures. In turn, this creates a heavy workload on the HVAC system as it tries to stay on top of the increasing heat. By reducing attic temperatures, you can reduce that heat transfer.

ATMOX Attic Controller

ATMOX APEX 2.0 for Attic Ventilation Installed in Attic

ATMOX APEX Controller works to keep energy usage to a minimum while maintaining the conditions in your attic. Learn more about how the APEX Controller uses data from inside and outside of the attic to determine when ventilation is needed.

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