Add features or solve unique challenges with any crawl space design

The ATMOX Controller offers a diverse set of functions and capabilities through unique features in its product design and software capabilities. The ATMOX Controller is designed for ANY crawl space regardless of layout, size and construction style. Furthermore, it works with various methods of drying styles and moisture solution choices. Regardless of desired setup, the ATMOX Controller is the hub that connects it all together.

The sophisticated software has a wide range of options and capabilities that may not apply in many situations. However, the setting options allow for adaptations to accommodate almost every crawl space solution.

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ATMOX Controller Advantage


Continuous Ventilation

There are crawl spaces solutions that are designed to remain almost completely closed. They generally use a dehumidifier or conditioned air for drying purposes. In some of these cases, the building design requirement may need a continuous ventilation exhaust fan. In other cases, there is a desire to have some air exchange in the crawl space through the creation of this slight negative pressure. Regardless, the ATMOX controller has software to control a continuous ventilation fan with the added benefit of an optional low temperature cutoff.

Drying with Conditioned Air

The ATMOX controller is flexible to use various forms of drying. For example, this includes the use of conditioned air from inside the living space of the house or through an HVAC duct.

ATMOX Graphic of Crawl Space Air Flow

Increase Humidity Intentionally

In select geographic areas, winter time can be very dry – almost too dry. In these instances, the ATMOX controller has settings that allow it to limit the drying of the space. Additionally, the controller can even go further by intentionally allowing wetter air from outside into the space under strict conditions to mitigate humidity going too low.

Filter Air Within Crawl Space

With select dehumidifiers, the ATMOX controller has an option to pull air through a dehumidifier for filtration purpose.

ATMOX Controller for Any Type of Crawl Space Design

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