Inspect your crawl space easily

Crawl space illumination provides a terrific addition to your crawl space. LED lighting in the crawl space makes inspections and work much easier for you and your service providers. It’s always difficult to assess things that you cannot see.

ATMOX icon for crawl space and attic lighting

ATMOX Controller Advantage


Control From Display

Adding crawl space illumination with ATMOX LED lighting and the controller makes it much easier to see what is going on in the crawl space. For added convenience, you can turn the lights on and off directly from the display. This keeps you from ever having to go into a dark crawl space.

ATMOX Graphic of Crawl Space Lighting

Keep It Energy Efficient

ATMOX controller has an automatic timed shutoff on the lights. This way they cannot be left on, which is easy to do in a crawl space that is generally out of sight. The ATMOX lights are bright LEDs that use very little electricity for operation.

ATMOX Products for Crawl Space Illumination

ATMOX ACE Controller- Picture of Lights Connection

Lights will be connected to the ATMOX controller through the use of the Lights output. ATMOX LED lights will receive both signal and power from the controller.

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